Your New Life
Your sense of hearing
is a vital link to your
world - a source of
pleasure, and
information and
If you have a hearing
loss you can take
control of the situation.
Hearing loss should not
get in the way of
enjoying your life.
Basic Hearing Aid Accessories
After you've been fitted for your new hearing aid, you'll be hearing all the sounds
you’ve been missing! We can show you may what you may need to get the
most out of your hearing aids and devices.
We provide batteries to fit all instruments
from all manufacturers.
A hearing aid dome is the small plastic bell-
shaped piece at the end of the tube. This is the
actual physical piece that is inserted in your
ear. A proper fitting dome (and these can be
custom-made) can make a huge difference in
both comfort and quality while wearing your
hearing aid.
Wax Brushes, Picks, and Guards
These items help prevent earwax from
seeping into or clogging the hearing aid.
CaptionCall® is a revolutionary new telephone
and service. Caption Call is a FREE service
which means no new bills and no monthly
charges! Click here for more details!
Other Accessories
Other accessories that can improve your hearing
and make life with hearing loss easier include
phone pads, telephones with volume control,
and hearing aids
that are Bluet
compatible.For your convenience, most of the
basic hearing accessories you need can
typically be purchased in a hearing aid kit. Ask
us for more information.

Enhance your

hearing aid

and keep things tip top


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