About 20% of adults in the U.S. - an estimated 48 Million people - report some
degree of Hearing loss. That's 1 in 3 people over the age of 60. Of Baby
Boomers - ages 49-68 - 1 in 6 have hearing loss.

Did you know that your HEARING HEALTH has a direct effect on over overall

Hearing loss can occur for a number of reasons. Some causes can be natural
and other would surprise you. As people age, they may begin to lose their
hearing as a result of the natural aging process. One of the most common
causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud noise. 

If you have a hearing loss, you are not alone - it can happen to anybody and it
often comes gradually with age. As hearing loss often worsens gradually many
people simply aren't aware of the problems - they attribute their hearing
difficulties to other causes and gradually change their lives.

There are also medical reasons for hearing loss, like viruses, bacteria, heart
conditions, stroke, head injuries, tumors, and certain medicines. New studies
have revealed some surprising causes as well, like diabetes or hypertension.
Take the time to learn about the causes and prevention of hearing loss so that
you can discuss with your hearing care provider and begin your journey to
better overall health today.

The best thing to do is make an appointment and your hearing care
professional will advise you on your options.
Your New Life
Your sense of hearing
is a vital link to your
world - a source of
pleasure, and
information and
If you have a hearing
loss you can take
control of the situation.
Hearing loss should not
get in the way of
enjoying your life.
When is it time too see us about your hearing?
Are your family and friends making comments about your hearing?
You have trouble hearing sounds on your computer or portable electronic device?
Do people seem to mumble or speak in a softer voice than they
used to?
Caring, Individualized Approach to Hearing Care
Do you sometimes miss key words in a sentence or frequently ask people to repeat themselves?
When you are in a group or crowded restaurant, is it difficult for you to follow the conversation?
Do you need to turn up the volume on your TV or radio louder than your family likes?
Do you find it difficult to hear the doorbell or telephone ring?
Is carrying on a telephone conversation difficult?
Has someone close to you mentioned that you might have a problem with your hearing?
Know The Signs!
If you answered yes to any of these questions,
we recommend a hearing consultation.
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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Many people suffer from

hearing loss

…and we’re not just talking about the people
whose ears are affected.

Hearing loss

affects friends, family, co-workers, business
associates, and everyone a person with a

hearing problem

comes into contact with.
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